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October 4, 2013


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You were merely sitting in the summer heat, feeling like a fucking hot tamale. Why? Because you are sitting inside Dave's closet...watching him get undressed. You can feel your scarce blush creeping up onto your features. HOT DAMN! You were to busy starin' at that fine ass hoe that you didn't notice him going to his closet to get his clothes...whoops.
Guess you forgot that hole in the plan.
You had been caught on multiple occasions trying to watch Dave and Dirk get undressed, that it was almost shameful...almost.
Anyways, Dave opens said closet door and looks at you for a long time before grabbing his clothes and closing the door. HAHA. You made Dave blush. Maybe he was just freaked out by the creeper look you were giving. 0u0
Wow. Thanks Aradia for your creeper smile skills and thank Nepeta for your stalking abilities.
Dave looks back at you through the slit in the door and stare back with the usual: 0u0
"...Hi...Why are you...-"
"Watching you?"
"Simple, I think you are sexy. The same goes for Dirk. So I waited through the summer heat just to watch one of you get undressed. If you ask me, totally worth it."
"...____ what the fuck is wrong with you?"
"Everything. 0u0"
Dave gives you an unamused look er, what yu think is unamused. He kind of just stares at you for a long time. Like really long. You're starting to get sweaty here. Since there is nothing else to do, you simply shed your clothes.
"____ what are you doing?"
"What's it look like?"
"Dude stop."
"No. This is the homo test. If you refuse me you are a homo in denial."
"Oh my god ____, stop."
You  tackle-hug him like never before! He falls on his adorably naked bottom. You steal his shades and throw them across the room. Why? Because his eyes emphasize his sexy you retard!
You feel his length poking your thigh and your creeper smile grows larger: 0U0
"Get. Off"
"No. I will do what I want."
"____. Get. Off. NOW."
"Fuck no."
Before he can make another word, you cut him off with a kiss. It is just NOW that Dirk decides to walk in.
"Hey Dav-...oh." He leaves the room and throws a box of something through the door. Oddly enough they land on Dave's face. You read the label to see that they are in fact, condoms. 
"Dave you have the best brother ever."
"____ get the fuck off me."
"Not until we use them bitch!"

And then you proceed to do unspeakable things to Dave Strider. From there it goes downhill when you also decide to use the same method with Dirk. Instead of having to sit on top of him, like Dave, he just skipped straight to the sloppy make-outs and said condoms.
Are you a slut?
What?! NO!
You are simple a Strider Fangirl.
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*Checks closet.*
Me: phew, nothing in there.
*Turns around to find my friend, Toby, standing outside my window.*
Me: Uh, hi?

Toby: *Breaks window.* Foxy coming for ya! - Five Nights at Freddy's  APH Prussia tackle hug 
lunarLover88 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
So sorry i gave Toby that perfect idea Hon!
Have fuuuuuuuun!
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Read the Ampora one I made ;P
Kira-Nyawn Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Beware of the fangirl in your closet :3
lunarLover88 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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"You are a simple Strider Fangirl."

Accurate. XD
lunarLover88 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I try to represent the fandom to the best of my ability.
Looks like i succeeded. X3
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